Just took my first turkey with a bow. Its only taken me 3 years but I finally did, with your help of course. I greatly appreciate the service I received from you. Thanks for taking the extra time with me getting my equipment tuned and ready. Almost everything I used on my hunt came from you, the blind, chair, arrows, broad heads, clothing and my calls.

I had watched this bird for several evening going to roost in the same spot so I set the Matrix along his route, About 45 minutes before sunset he came sneaking along. I gave him a few yelps and he came right over. He never seen me draw my bow and was totally unaware of me. The 20 mph wind caused my arrow to drift slightly to the right hitting him a little too far back. The big 1 1/2" cutting diameter on the G5 Striker did a lot of damage though. He limped off and sat down about 100 yards away with the arrow still in him where i could barely see him hiding under a bush. After 15 minutes of waiting I snuck up and hit him with another arrow. He started jumping and thrashing so instinctively I ran up and grabbed him around the neck. Big mistake. He slapped up against me and caused my broadhead to stick the inside of my knee. It was a fight to the end, but I think I won.

Thanks again for the service and equipment. I couldn't have done it without you.

Jeremy Nerem


Hello Chuck,

Just wanted you to know that the guys at DB got the blind out and it arrived in time to try and figure out how it works , try some practice shots and get comfortable with the whole concept.

I may have gotten a bird on first hunt except that the lower limb on my 66" Brackenbury Recurve got tangled up with my fold up chair (I didn't get back far enough away from it to shoot) and the arrow went low.

Went back several weeks later for another go around but no opportunities. But, third time was a charm. Set up the blind and ambushed birds headed for the roost. About a 10 yd shot and 15 yd recovery - just want you hope for.

Looking forward to trying it for desert deer in our Trout Creek Mts. and with some luck, antelope before I get there. Who knows, may try and ambush and elk too!

Regards and thanks for all your help,



Gary Stewart

Hi Chuck,


Thank you so much for getting me set up with my new "Diamond Iceman". I LOVE IT!

The Easton Axis arrows are great too!

The season has got off to a great start. Here is a picture of my 23.2 LB eastern,

8" beard and 3/4" spurs. He came into my B-mobil in full strut. What a memory

Thanks for a great job

Gary Stewart

G2 Outdoors, Chamberlain, SD


Skalak Outdoors -

Chuck Skalak

Bear o6'






Trudy Skalak

Doe 06'


.Skalak Outdoors -

Cory Skalak



Chuck, the T2 worked great, as you can see. The first
time I used it was opening day (May 2nd) of Michigan's turkey season.

I shot the turkey at 10 yards. I also had a doe and two
yearlings walk by me at 5 yards. The blind was setting out in the open with
no brush at all. I did have the windows all netted. Did they look at me?
yes, did they seem nervous? yes, could I have shot them, yes. I'm taking my
Nephew up this weekend to hunt out of my T2. Hopefully he'll have the same
luck I did. Thanks.

Bob McCollum
Clinton Twp. Michigan.

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